Adult Washable Fabric Masks For Men & Women Cotton Print Breathable Face Mask Ear Loops Bandage

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★ Material: Cotton.
★ Item Type: Masks.
★ PM2.5 Outdoor Washable Reuse Face Mask Protection Printing Mouth Mask.


Unlike previously designed dusk masks (mostly 95% masks), Our dust mask implements the  design preventing the pollution mask from slipping off
Our respirator mask is designed for comfortable protection against  dust, pollen,fumes, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles. It will help you breathe in a cleaner, healthier way.
Our anti-pollution mask is made for home improvement projects: as a paint mask (non-oil based), mask for cleaning, woodwork, mowing, etc. It can also be used as an mask to filter allergenic pollens and as a mask for flu. Our customers use the face mask for running and cycling. Similar to the elevation  – It may also help your lung capacity training by mimicking high altitude/low oxygen level conditions.
Made of elastic nylon and spandex, lightweight material, soft texture, quick drying, breathable and comfortable to wear. General size, stretchy and adjustable strap suitable for most people, one size fits all. The dust, chemicals, particulates, gas, pollen, smoke and fumes. The dustproof mask can be used for anti-dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti-pollen allergy, anti PM2.5 and haze day protection. It is suitable for cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing, woodworking and other outdoor activities. For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the filter.















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