Children Montessori Weights Bear Puzzle Game Balance Educational Toys Accessories

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✔ Age Range: 2-4 Year.
✔ Age range: >3 years old.
✔ weight (approximately): 90g.
✔ size:(approx.): (Small Size:Height: 2.5cm (0.98in)/Length: 1.8cm (0.71in)/Width: 1.6cm (0.63in)/weight:about 3g;Big Size: Height: 3.3cm(1.3in)/Length: 2.5cm(0.98in)/Width: 2cm(0.8in)/weight:about 6g).
✔ Montessori toys have colorful teaching aids, which are “toys” suitable for children’s growth according to the sensitive period of children’s growth and development; their soul content is to cultivate children’s conscious and active learning and exploration spirit; children repeat by themselves The operation of Montessori teaching aids innovative and well-constructed personality, and has gained multi-faceted ability training in free operation.






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