Dart Foam Hinged 3 Compartment Togo Boxes, Large (200 ct.)



Dart Foam Hinged 3-Compartment To-Go Boxes, Large (200 ct.) are the takeout classic that everyone is familiar with. These 3-compartment to-go boxes enjoy fame that is permanently associated with those cuisines they most often carry: teriyaki, enchiladas, barbeque and pretty much anything that is served with one or two side dishes.

The convenient design of 3-compartment food containers keeps soupy or saucy components separated, preventing cross-contamination of clashing flavors. In Dart Foam Hinged 3-Compartment To-Go Boxes, Large, spicy sauces can live in the right-hand corner while the sweet sauce is comfortably tucked into the left-hand corner, and the main entree is sitting dryly in its spacious central compartment.

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★ Secure closure.

★ 200 containers.

★ Color(s): White.

★ Material(s): Foam.

★ 9 1/4″W x 9 1/2″D x 3″H.

★ Number of compartments: 3.

★ 3-compartment take-out food containers.

★ Size: Depth: 9 1/2″ x Height: 3″ x Width: 9 1/4″.

★ High insulation keeps food hot or cold for transporting or storing.


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