Member’s Mark Fliplock Containers Set (8 Pieces)


✔ Description:

Offering terrific functionality, the Member’s Mark Fliplock Container Set makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. Compact and lightweight, this food storage set contains four rectangular and square containers to store a variety of dry goods. Organize your pantry with ease with these sleek and space-saving containers.

✔ What can I store with this fliplock container set:

Members love using this set to store panty staples such as flour, sugar, pasta, oats, beans, nuts, cereals and snacks.

✔ What are fliplock containers better than other storage containers:

This fliplock containers are crafted with innovative lids, which are interchangeable between boxes. A clear window allows you to see the ingredients from the top. When the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the lid expands to seal the jar. This ensures prolonged freshness for the fliplock box’s contents. The ring can also be lifted to use as a convenient handle. The containers themselves are also clear like glass, but not as heavy.

✔ How do I care for this fliplock container set:

We recommending handwashing this food storage set with dish soap and water. Please note that the flip top set is not microwave save or dishwasher safe.

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★ Interchangeable lids.

★ Variety of sizes to store dry foods.

★ Not safe for dishwasher or microwave.

★ Clear base looks like glass but not heavy.

★ Handwash with soap and rinse with water.

★ Clear bases and windows to show ingredients of the boxes.

★ Set includes 8 canisters in two shapes: rectangular and square.

Capacity/Dimensions (Rectangular):

★ 2.9 cups (700ml)/ 6.3″ X 4.3″ X 2.9″.

★ 7.1 cups (1700ml)/ 6.3″ X 4.3″ X 5.7″.

★ 15 cup (3600ml)/ 6.3″ X 4.3″ X 11.4″.

★ 11.3 cup (2700ml)/ 6.3″ X 4.3″ X 8.6″.

Capacity/ Dimensions (Square):

★ 7.1 cup (1700ml)/4.3″ X 4.3″.

★ 1.9 cup (450ml)/ 4.3″ X 4.3″ X 2.9″.

★ 4.65 cup (1100ml)/ 4.3″ X 4.3″ X 5.74″.

★ X 8.6″9.6 cup (2300ml)/ 4.3″ X 4.3″ X 11.4″.


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