Member’s Mark White Kraft Butcher Paper (18in x 1000ft)



Member’s Mark White Kraft Butcher Paper (18in X 1000ft) is perfect for wrapping fresh meat and fish. It’s also useful for packaging deli meats or sandwiches. It is non wax coated, therefore, can have a wide variety of purposes including arts and crafts or table coverings.

Teachers can allow students to color and create art masterpieces. Or use Member’s Mark White Kraft Butcher Paper(18in X 1000ft) as an easy and fun way to serve a cheese platter.

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★ No wax coating.

★ 18 inches x 1000 feet.

★ White Kraft Butcher Paper.

★ Ideal for wrapping meat and fish/li>.

★ Great as a table covering or palette paper.

★ Fun for crafts, art work, finger painting, or markers.

★ Great for businesses, retail shops, schools and daycares.


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