Papernet Heavenly Soft 2-ply Professional Kitchen Towels (12 rolls, 210 sheets/roll)



This large pack of strong and absorbent professional kitchen towels are great for any home or business. This environmentally conscious item features plastic-free packaging and an easy-open tear. Each roll features micro embossing for strength, absorbency and handfeel. Each of the 12 rolls contain 210 11″ X 9″ sheets.

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★ Easy-open case.

★Plastic-free packaging.

★ 1732.5 total square feet.

★ 12 large rolls with 210 sheets each.

★ 2-ply, strong and absorbent paper towels.

★ Environmentally conscious, plastic-free packaging.

★ Professional quality towels great for home or business.

★ Micro-embossed for strength, softness and absorbency.


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