WaterBrick Storage Container (3.5 gallon, 4 pk.)



The WaterBrick Storage Container provides a uniquely-designed and revolutionary way to store water and other essential items in a totally sealed environment. It’s perfect for storing food and water for camping, float trips, or in case of any emergency in your home, office or car.

WaterBrick’s smaller footprint allows you to store the container in places  larger drums or pails won’t fit. The WaterBrick stacks and stores just like children’s building blocks—it’s just that easy.

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★ Ventless.

★ Water tight seal.

★ 3.5 gallon capacity.

★ 9” W x 18” L x 6” H.

★ Ultra-violet protection.

★ Empty weight of 2.52 lb.

★ Made from HDPE plastic.

★ Lid diameter is 3 ¼ inches.

★ WaterBrick filled with water can be frozen.

★ Increased stacking strength by reinforced design.

★ Notched Lid with Full Rubber Gasket for tight seal.

★ Temperature-resistant constant of -104.8°F to 230°F.

★ BPA-Free and FDA-compliant for storing water and food.

★ Interlocking design for easy stacking, storage and stability.

★ 4 pk. – 3.5 gallon WaterBricks with handles plus one Spigot.

★ Carrying handle included with each WaterBrick (detachable).

★ A uniquely portable, stackable, customizable solution for storing water and other items.


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