Zipper Mask Easy To Drink Breathable For Face Adult Men Face Masks Luxury Designer

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★ Material: Cotton.
★ Item Type: Masks.
★ Size: 20cm x 12cm.
★ Characters: Mondkapjes.
★ Maseczka: Mask Reusable.
★ Face Masks: Reusable Mask.
★ Mask Anime: Disposable Mask.
★ Mondmasker: Mondkapje Print.
★ Mask Child Washable: Face Mask.
★ Masken: Masque Lavable Femme.
★ Masker: Masque En Tissu Lavable.
★ Mask For Children: Disposable Masks.
★ Masque Lavable: Mascarillas Faciales.
★ Masks Hygienic Approved: Mask Fabric.
★ Mascarilla Negra: Masque Tissus Enfant.
★ Porta Mascararilla: Masque Transparent.
★ Mouth Mask Fabric: Mask Cotton Reusable.
★ Masks Reusable Washable: Masks From Viruses.
★ Masque Coton Reutilisable: Mascarilla Transparente.


Can be washed and reused, high quality.
Special fabric design, breathable material, not stuffy.
The zipper can be opened, and you can eat or drink without removing the mask.
Effectively absorb sweat and cool down quickly. Use wet water to wring it and use it directly, there will be a cold feeling.



















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